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Wellness Holy Days in Quebec

Wellness Holy Days in Quebec


DivineYu Academy highly recommends attending two spiritual retreats in nature each year for self-healing, wellness and your spiritual evolution. Disconnect from busy city life, to connect with nature and reach a state of deep relaxation.

Immerse yourself in an environment where you can focus on your health and well-being. Plan your stay today in this haven of peace and serenity that will allow you to recharge your batteries and regain energy and enthusiasm. Invite your friends and loved ones to a peaceful gathering in a magical setting.

Vortex of Energy for Spiritual Healing and Awakening.




  • Receive Reiki in nature, refresh your body energy
  • Benefit from walking and beautiful forest trails, fresh air
  • Connect with the Earth and Trees
  • Participate in a fire ceremony, find your inner peace
  • Experience self-realization teachings in practice
  • Express your true blissful essence
  • Apply different energy healing practices, rejuvenate your body
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset with your spiritual family
  • Take time for self-reflection, restore your mind, body and soul



“Thank you Brana for this weekend in Ste-Lucie and for all the healing that you shared with us! What I felt during the meditation in the morning, I find I realized today, it was true love for myself. I had the best sleep ever, even fell asleep last night by 9:30, which is definitely not what I do! 🙂

I felt such bliss today, such joy, peace at heart! It’s as if I’ve been striving for this my entire life! Accepting/loving myself! It’s just pure awesomeness! At first, once the meditation ended, people were sharing their wonderful personal moments and I didn’t feel that, I felt just calmness, peace! & today I continue to feel that calmness and peace!

I truly want to thank you for offering this weekend to us all and for your kindness and knowledge to help us/me transform in to this wonderful ME! Love you so much, thankful so much for all!”
Nadia, Ottawa, October 7, 2013




GM Brana


For more information please contact info@divineyu.com or phone (514) 999-4018

4-day retreat. Accommodation, meals & teachings included. $100 Naturo-Therapy health insurance receipt available.

Quebec. Lake and nature trails in forest. Approximately 6 hours from Montreal.

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