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Shamatha Meditation – Train Your Mind On-line Seminar

Shamatha Meditation - Train Your Mind On-line Seminar

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This class is based on precious, authentic and original teachings of the Buddha based on the Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy. The word shamatha (in Sanskrit samatha) means “calmly abiding”, as this meditation helps our mind to become peaceful, stable, clear, aware and harmonious. The Shamatha Meditation is for beginners and teachers of meditation, for those who are aspiring to seek self-realization or who look for ways to remove the causes of suffering, or who wish to achieve peace. There are no pre-requisites for this class. Each student will benefit according to their motivation.

The purpose of Shamatha Meditation is to stabilize the mind by cultivating a steady awareness. When we practice calm abiding meditation, we are able to see that our mind is full of thoughts, some conducive to our well-being, and others not. Over time, practicing calm abiding meditation calms our thoughts and emotions. We experience tranquility of mind. Unless one has the stability of the mind of calm abiding, one can never gain the wisdom.


  • Preparation for meditation
  • Simple vs. authentic Shamatha Meditation
  • Conditions for Shamatha Meditation
  • Benefits of Shamatha Meditation
  • 5 obstacles to calm-abiding and 8 antidotes
  • Nine stages of Shamatha Meditation
  • Achieving the six powers
  • Special insight or wisdom


It is well known that the primary purpose of the Buddha’s teachings is to attain enlightenment by practicing two forms of meditation: concentration meditation and analytical meditation. The first aims at achieving calm abiding (shamatha) while the second aspires to gaining special insight (vipassana). A mind that is pacified while abiding in single-pointed concentration is referred to as the state of calm-abiding.When such a state is attained, special insight becomes possible. This particular form of wisdom, when coupled with the bliss of meditative suppleness induced by the power of contemplation, is capable of discerning every phenomenon. In other words, calm-abiding is the temporary cessation of mental disruptions of the mind. By calming the mind, it becomes clearer. This allows for profound analysis of wisdom to completely eliminate the very root of these mental disruptions.

Brana received transmission of teachings in this lineage from a Tibetan Lama and is a certified Shamatha Meditation teacher.

The certificate will be issued for 16 hours of training, recognized by the Canadian Naturopathy and Naturo-Therapy Association.


Start On October 2, 2021
Duration 2 days
Academy DivineYu
Location Online
Level Beginner / Master
Time 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Price $250.00

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