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Reiki Grandmaster and Teacher Seminar

About Instructor


Available only to the Eight Degree Masters of Reiki certified by the DivineYu Reiki Academy. This 2-day seminar is developed by GM Brana, MScEE with major in biomedical engineering.

Reiki 9 contains advanced training material, which is unique and not available at any other Reiki school. Upon completion, you will receive a Grandmaster Certificate in the DivineYu system of Reiki. This system of Reiki is not based on a particular religion, but an ancient knowledge closely connected with the scientific models of the universe creation, and the initiation done directly with the Source.


  • How to Master Yourself;
  • Using Platonic Solids for Balancing and harmonization;
  • Practices for a Physical Harmony;
  • Energy Practices for an Emotional Balance and dissolving Negatively Charged Energy Fields;
  • Energy Practices for a Long Term Harmony;
  • Reiki 9 Energy Surgery;
  • Procedures for Creating Virtues;
  • What are the Emotional Larvae and how to dissolve them;
  • Determine Ego Challenges;
  • Pouring Divine Blessings;
  • Reiki Grandmaster Guidelines;
  • Reiki 9 initiations: Heart and Third Eye, Love and Wisdom;
  • Cellular vibration technique.


Addressing specific conditions with cellular changes, self-realization, practices as a Reiki Grandmaster. To be a DivineYu Reiki Grandmaster, one will need to demonstrate personal characteristics of compassion, integrity, professionalism, rationality, respect towards all beings, healthy mental capacity, balance, harmony, kindness, ethics and very advanced energy practice skills.


Start On October 23, 2021
Duration 2 days
Academy DivineYu
Venue Online
Level Ninth Grandmaster and Teacher Degree
Time 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Price $350.00

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