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Energy Therapy with Crystals On-line Seminar

About Instructor


Various types of healing crystals have been used as natural remedies since ancient times. Crystals are everywhere in our life and are gifts from nature. Their dazzling beauty is an essential part of jewellery, and they have applications in a wide range of modern technologies like smartphone and cameras. We’ll study crystals capabilities, including the mineral composition and the structure of the crystals. By deciphering the composition of the crystal, we are able to see the unique ability that the crystals can offer to us.

Through interactive and practical learning, you’ll be inspired to love the energy and the marvels that crystals can offer. Holding a crystal in their hand, a person can sense the vibration the crystal emits. It’s these subtle vibrations that are used in the therapy to clear, balance and re-energize body’s natural energy fields. Our body contains numerous crystalline structures that are fundamental to the working of our organism. We stand up straight because our body has a skeleton made up of calcium phosphate crystals. We keep our balance thanks to calcite crystals that are found in the inner ear, and we chew with teeth made with apatite microcrystals.


  • Types of crystals and how to use them for better health
  • History of the use of crystals through a variety of civilizations
  • Crystal mandalas, how to charge your crystals
  • How to use crystal wands and pendulums
  • Reiki and crystals
  • Massage with crystals
  • Crystals for space protection
  • How to ground yourself by using crystals
  • Energize crystal structure of our bones
  • Crystals and Kundalini


Start On July 10, 2021
Duration 1 day
Time 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Academy DivineYu
Location Online
Level Beginner / Master
Price $180.00

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