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Ancient Andean Master Shamanic Practices

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Learn how the Andean Masters cultivated heart wisdom as a way of life. Learn how to use the Andean Shamanic Medicine Wheel for therapies. Experience feather clearing, Andean plant aura clearing, very unique pachamama talking stick, dance to connect with energy of the Andean power animals like condor, llama, and hummingbird. Musical instruments from Andes, medicine bundle, Andean water blessings, and transfer of energy from 7 main vortexes like Machu Picchu. Connect to energy and wisdom field that resulted from the solar initiation of the ancient inka masters.

Fees are $150+tax.
E-transfer $172.45 to info@divineyu.com

Start On October 10, 2020
Duration 1 day
Time 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location Online
Academy DivineYu
Price $150.00

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