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Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression Therapy Session

Our past life regression method does not involve hypnosis, but is a spiritual method where you are completely conscious about your subconscious memories. It can resolve the current or past life issues. You relive the experience, which set the issue in motion, and break the causal relationship between the past and the present.

The subconscious takes you to what is most appropriate for you to know at this moment. You also receive guidance and answers to your questions from your Divine-Self. The sessions work even if you do not believe that the experience was real. The sessions usually last about two hours.

Studies of reincarnation have shown that the events of past lives can affect health, financial success, behavior and outlook of individuals in the present. This causal mechanism in the esoteric science is called Karma.

The regression therapy is based on re-living of events by the patients under the supervision of the spiritual counselor, bringing forward memories that are normally blocked from his conscious mind, but stored in his or hers subconscious mind. The regression therapy allows the person to remember the relationships that he had with various people in previous lives. This helps in solving many social conflicts and improves personal relationships with certain people.

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