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Tibetan Mantras for Therapy with Drukmo Gyal

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ON-LINE 9am-12, 1pm-4pm Eastern Standard Time on Saturday and Sunday, September 25-26, 2021
There are no pre-requisites for this class. You do not need to be familiar with chanting mantras. You’ll receive transmission of the mantras used for therapy, and you’ll be able to embed energy of mantras in water, salt, oil or stones by even silently repeating the sacred words.

Drukmo Gyal will give the transmission of the Tibetan Medicine mantras, and explain their particular therapeutic benefits for various health conditions. Mantra is used to protect the mind from different types of suffering and to assist in the cultivation of mental clarity, stability and spiritual insight. Mantra therapy has traditionally served as an important, supplementary branch of Tibetan medicine, a set of powerful methods which complement other forms of medical treatment. Tibetan healers have used mantra therapy to assist patients in rebalancing their bodies, minds and emotions to restore health and for prevention. Drukmo Gyal will transmit and explain the uses of the “Tibetan Mantra Pharmacy”, which has been used by Tibetan yogis and Tibetan physicians to address various health concerns. Students will learn how to use mantras to empower substances like water, oil, and salt which can be used for oneself and shared with others. They will learn about the forms of spiritual cultivation needed to make the use mantras effective and about the different ways that mantras can be used as part of self-healing. According to the Tibetan Traditional medicine, the power of “prescribed” mantra and meditation are essential to well-being. The role of chanting or singing the mantra is not only confined to spiritual benefits but also the medicinal values of disease prevention and cure attached to it.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word, deriving from ancient India.  It means literally, ‘To save the mind from suffering and illness’. In Tibetan Medicine it is assumed that, for disease to be present, there is some form of underlying subtle energetic disturbance. Mantra Therapy utilizes the energy of sound to remedy this underlying energetic disturbance, treating the root cause. Receiving a Mantra is referred to as receiving a Transmission. This is because Mantras are actually a form of energy in sound. Through listening to the Mantra being recited we receive the ability to recite the Mantra for ourselves, in order to experience its benefits and to treat others. In the process of transmission, the sound vibrations of the Mantra encapsulate the essence of the therapy, not just of the Mantra itself – but also the accumulated wisdom and strength of the entire Lineage of Masters who have used and empowered this Mantra before. The first record of Mantras being used in healing practices is found in the famous Tibetan Medical Text the “Bum Shi” (‘Many Oral Instructions on Medicine’).  The author of this text was Chebu Trishe, the first Tibetan physician, who lived approximately 3,900 years ago.  Buddha Shakyamuni also transmitted many Healing Mantras in a Sutra referred to as the “Zhang Dus” (‘Collection of Mantras’), nearly 2,500 years ago. When used in conjunction with nutrition, Mantras can be used to empower foods for therapeutic purposes. Mantras can be used around the home to create a more comfortable living-space, or in the work environment to enhance communication and to increase productivity. Written Mantras can be worn as amulets for protection. Mantras can be combined with herbal medications to enhance their effects. During the compounding of Traditional Tibetan medicines, healing mantras are recited, incorporating the energy of sound into combinations of herbs and minerals, in order to enhance their therapeutic properties.

Drukmo Gyal Dakini was born in the Northeastern part of Tibet into a yogi family where mantra, yoga, and meditation were introduced at a young age. With support from her local Tibetan yogi community and family, she practiced mantras with traditional melodies. Drukmo Gyal studied Traditional Tibetan Medicine in Amdo. She has produced albums with Tibetan healing mantras and chants with musicians from all over the world and traveled to over twenty countries to share concerts, public talks, workshops, and courses on mantra, yoga, meditation, and the external healing therapies of Tibetan Medicine.

Fees: $222 CAD + tax. Please, e-transfer $255.23 CAD to transfer@divineyu.com

Below are examples of two mantras, the one for purification of 5 elements- earth, water, fire, wind and space and the Medicine Buddha Mantra.



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Fees: $ 222 + tax

Tibetan Mantras with Drukmo Gyal


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