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Words of Appreciation

Words of Appreciation

Words of Appreciation

The Reiki Academy is more than anything a community that promotes wellness. It is an open and accepting environment, which increases awareness of your mind, body and soul. Providing insight on how to live life positively and become attune to yourself and those around you. I found the group online, after experiencing a sort of spiritual awakening following a very difficult period in my life. It was a personal experience that seemingly came out of nowhere, yet was so profound I wished to understand and find more meaning.

This is how I stumbled upon the DivineYu Reiki Academy. I came into the room hesitantly on the day of the “Opening of the Chakras”, not having any prior understanding of reiki, meditation, chakras or most things spiritual. I questioned if this was a place I would feel I would belong, if the classes would bring any insights I searched for, or if I would actually gain anything form it. I entered the room, with the intention to leave at any moment. However I quickly became interested in all that was being spoken about. I never left. I have continued coming regularly to sessions, events and meditations for the last few months.

The “Opening of the Chakras” was a beautiful experience. It was my first introduction to meditation and energy centers within the body. I left with the knowledge of how to better care for myself, by bringing attention to these areas. I felt great energy throughout the session. Focus on certain areas were more emotional than others, bringing to mind some of the difficult things that had recently happened. It brought on an unexpected release, an emotional strain being lifted, allowing me to regain a sense of calm and feeling centered. I met amazing people, whom I always look forward to seeing again. I began to understand the Grandmaster Academy was not only a place to receive healing, information or guidance, but was a much larger community, centered around care, positivity and understanding.

Words of Appreciation

If you want to be happy, awaken to life! – GM Brana

I continued with the AnadaOm Reiki Academy taking a few Reiki classes and attending weekly meditations. I found strength in all these meetings, sessions and classes helping me get through loss in the family, war in my country, further loss due to war, including many other personal challenges. Brana was quick to sense which areas of my life (connecting to different areas of my body) needed the most helping or healing. Her intuitive nature makes her able to connect with each person on a deeper level, knowing just how to approach them, and make them feel comfortable and at ease. I soon began to see a difference in my life. In my ability to cope with all that was happening, including a stronger sense of support and community behind me. I learned to self-heal and knew where to turn to if I needed an extra boost.

Brana has always been nothing but wonderful. I truly wish to thank her for all her patience, understanding, generosity and limitless insights. She is a wonderful being, whom I feel lucky to have had the pleasure to meet. In the last few months I have been blessed with many opportunities – having met spiritual leaders of my country and praying for peace together with them, working on a project that means the world to me and I love, being accepted into an intensive program which fits all I hope to continue doing with my life. This year was definitely a difficult one, but with Brana’s insights, teachings and guidance, and the support of the larger Reiki Academy I have been able to learn and grow as a person, more so than ever before. Having followed certain teachings, I have seen amazing changes come to my life, which I would have never thought possible. I would recommend anyone to go to the Reiki Academy. There is always something for everyone. And I am sure you will leave having gained much more than you would have ever imagined.

Reiki Academy Student, June 2, 2014

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